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What Are The Warning Signs Of Facsism?

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Many worry that the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump, his open admiration for Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, and his choices for top positions in his administration presage an irrevocable right-wing power grab.

Assessing the potential for fascism in the U.S. brings up several pivotal questions:
• What do we mean by the terms “facism,” “oligarchy,” and “liberal democracy”?
• When the founding fathers crafted a republic and not a democracy, what were they trying to avoid?
• How are citizens and the media complicit when democracies begin to falter?
• Do events in Europe and Venezuela suggest democracies are only stable if we have a continual increase in the living standards of average people?
• What are the risks of appointing generals to high administrative offices traditionally filled by civilians?
• How risky is it that the president-elect uses a private security force rather than publicly provided solutions?
• How are citizens co-opted into letting go of their democratic institutions?

Some short readings on the topic:
• “Threats To Democracy Here And Abroad”, Dian Rehm Show, Wed 21-Dec-16, 10am ET, transcript here: http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2016-12-21/threats-to-democracy-here-and-abroad
• What Plato’s Republic suggests might happen now that we have a quasi-strongman in the presidency:”America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny,” NYMag.com: http://nym.ag/1rqdPJP
• Video: “Guide to Donald Trump’s potential cabinet of billionaires,” https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2016/dec/22/donald-trump-cabinet-nominees-video?CMP=share_btn_link
• “Why Argetina Should Have Looked Like Canada or Australia but Regressed Instead”, Francis Fukuyama, Political Order and Poltical Decay, Chapter 18, ($4.99 @ Audible.com or $9.99 Kindle @ amazon.com)

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