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Where Does U.S. Politics Go From Here?


Until now, the difference between Democratic and Republican administrations has been modest, and the resulting predictability made America a safe investment and a prosperous society. The 2016 election allowed a populist revolt to elect someone who has promised to rescind the decades-old Federal institutions and international accords undergirding this prosperity. Questions abound at multiple levels:
· Are we on the cusp of an age of extremity, or will deeper forces within our society steer us back toward the center?
· Which voting blocks does each major political party actually represent?
· How will our polity make rational decisions in the dawning “post-truth” era.
Some articles we might base our discussion upon:
· “Where the Democrats Go From Here” by Bernie Sanders, NYTimes, 12-Nov-16, http://nyti.ms/2eq1JyM
· “Where Senate Democrats Might Align With Trump” by Jennifer Steinhauer, 16-Nov-16, http://nyti.ms/2g0DCon
· “The End of ‘Extreme’” by Noah Rothman, Commentary Magazine, 16-Nov-16, http://bit.ly/2fZGG3w
· “From Hate Speech To Fake News: The Content Crisis Facing Mark Zuckerberg” by Aarti Shahani, NPR’s Morning Edition, 17-Nov16, http://n.pr/2fzkteD
· “Social Media’s Globe-Shaking Power” by Farhad Manjoo, 16-Nov-16,

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Areas for Potential Bipartisan Collaboration:
• curbing high pharmaceutical drug pieces
• renegotiating trade deals
• cutting the influence of Wall Street
• spending more on infrastructure such as roads, bridges and rail,
• punishing American companies that move jobs overseas,
• ending a lucrative tax break for hedge fund and private equity titans
• making paid maternity leave mandatory.

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