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Political Extremism & The 2016 Election

I suppose its safe to say that the extremist won this election. There’s much we can learn by sorting through whether it was a populist revolt or a media-driven outcome. See you there for a fascinating conversation!

Here’s the articles with the best explanations for what happened that I’ve seen so far:

a] “Hillary Clinton and the Populist Revolt” by George Packer, New Yorker Magazine, Oct 31, 2016 (http://bit.ly/2falUAA). (Here’s my one-page summary of it: http://socialtheories.info/?p=264)

b] “Trump voters will not like what happens next” by Garrison Keillor, Washington Post, Nov 9, 2016 (http://wapo.st/2fybCaU)

c] American Hysteria: The Untold Story of Mass Political Extremism in the United States Hardcover by Andrew Burt, 2015

d] What Plato’s Republic suggests might happen now that we have a quasi-strongman in the presidency:

“America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny: That’s what’s scariest about Donald Trump,” NYMag.com: http://nym.ag/1rqdPJP

e] A NY Times book review of a new work portraying Hitler as a clownish, deceitful narcissist who took control of a powerful nation thanks to slick propaganda and a dysfunctional elite that failed to block his rise:

“In ‘Hitler,’ an Ascent From ‘Dunderhead’ to Demagogue,” by Michiko Kakutani, NYTimes.com: http://nyti.ms/2fneKZF

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