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Get Real: What the President Can and Cannot Change by Fiat

A pleasant conversation over evening sandwiches and tea.

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Doubtless, the President can affect millions of lives with the policy s/he adopts, but many of us sense that the U.S. economy and political system is far too big and ossified for anyone to truly turnaround.  If we view the coming two years through the lens of organic limits to Presidential power, what changes to our society can we realistically expect?

Articles of Interest:

Where Trump Sees Economic ‘Disaster,’ Experts See Something More Complex by Nelson Schwartz, NYTimes, http://nyti.ms/2hYjy8i
Data suggests many of the nation’s economic fundamentals are solid, and economists say the president-elect’s agenda won’t alter the more worrisome trend lines.

2016 in Charts. (And Can Trump Deliver in 2017?) by Steven Rattner, NYTimes, http://nyti.ms/2hPYDnC
The numbers show a strong economy in 2016. Will Trump really make good on his pledges to the people who elected him in the coming year?

Has the U.S. Presidency Become a Dictatorship?, Freakanomics Radio, http://bit.ly/2i0aa0F
Sure, we all pay lip service to the Madisonian system of checks and balances. But as one legal scholar argues, presidents have been running roughshod over the system for decades. The result? An accumulation of power that’s turned the presidency into a position the founders wouldn’t have recognized.

How Much Does the President Really Matter?, Freakonomics Radio, http://bit.ly/2jdpwQc
The U.S. president is often called the “leader of free world.” But if you ask an economist or a Constitutional scholar how much the occupant of the Oval Office matters, they won’t say much. We look at what the data have to say about measuring leadership, and its impact on the economy and the country.


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