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Complexity & Constraints

The world is a complex place, but you wouldn’t guess that from listening to most politicians or mainstream news shows.  The articles below offer evidence why one cannot rationally suggest policies as simple as “We should do away with the government let … Continue reading →

Centrist Politics: Anthology

Collected readings on alternatives to the tired “left vs. right” dichotomy. There’s a lot of room between the alt-right and the alt-left, between Trumpian authoritarianism and Sanders socialism.  [Brooks 29-Nov-16] Why Rural America Voted for Trump by Robert Leonard, 5-Jan-17 (http://nyti.ms/2j73kY3) … Continue reading →

Alpert 2016: Glut

“GLUT: The U.S. Economy and the American Worker in the Age of Oversupply” by Daniel Alpert, Third Way, 04-Apr-16, http://bit.ly/1U52X0. Unemployment, the lack of growth, the continued falling share of labor as a percent of GDP are the result of … Continue reading →

Smart Government: Anthology

David Brooks once mentioned on the PBS Newshour that the debate over “big governement” vs. “no government” needs to evolve to a dialog about “smart government.”   To that end, this page lists works pointing to the best definitions of that terms … Continue reading →

Thomas Edsall: Anthology

Selected articles (in reverse chronological order) by Thomas Edsall, frequent guest columnist for The New York Times.  Edsall, a professor of journalism at Columbia University and author of “The Age of Austerity,” typically provides in-depth analysis of  demographic and strategic … Continue reading →